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The Church School was organized in 1949 by Fr. Vasil George.  Prifteresha Hope George, Antoinette Arthur, Irene Tutuny, Ethel George, Pandy Apostol, Violetta Tutuny, and Virginia George were the first Church School teachers.  The first class consisted of 32 students.   


The Annunciation Orthodox Church continues to offer members a religious education program for children.  The program is run entirely by member volunteers.  Children are provided age appropriate content and materials educating them on the Orthodox faith and traditions.  Arts & Crafts and social activities are also included in the curriculum.  In addition, children are exposed to philanthropy and community service by participating in such programs as Food Drives, our annual Mitten Tree, and raising donations for causes such as Japan Relief etc. The church school program offers a great experience for children to learn, socialize with each other and help local and global communities.


Church School Coordinator: Amy Lines. 508.429.5009


Please contact the Church School Coordinator, Amy Lines, for information on the Church School program.